Via-ferrata du Boffi

Take a trip in the depths of the grands causses to discover a wonderful world shaped by the flow of water for thousands of years. This flow of water dissolves on one side and reforms on the other: stalactites, soda straws, and draperies. You learn all about the geological history of this region and you can watch its unlikely faune imposed by the conditions of this environment: cavernicoles and troglodyte rooms. All vertical adventures start off by an introduction about techniques for abseiling and ascents on the blocks.

From 5 years.

We provide you with a suit, a harness, a helmet, and a descender.

Caving prices:

Caving Duration prices for individuals/pers prices for family/groups per pers*
Discover(cave type) 2h30 hours 34€ 32€
Verticale (abyss type) 4h30 hours 50€ 47€

* - family : 2 adults/2 childs
* - groups : 5 persons

During the summer season, try to book your activity early.

Download our price-list in pdf
We do not take credit-card on the spot